It’s Official

After over 30 years of research and data gathering, the results have finally been tabulated and painstakingly double checked.

Data from all across the United States, including Hawaii, England, Australia, Spain, Mexico, and even South America have been included in this ground breaking research.  And now the results can finally be published.

Without further ado (drum roll please)…

The worst drivers on the planet are from…

It’s a tie!!  Southern Illinois and St. Louis!

But congratulations to our second place winners, the drivers of “the bay area” in california.  It was close, but those southern Illini tipped the scales.

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Declaration of War!!!

Here’s an interesting question, let’s see how well you do.

What was the last country that the United States declared war on?

I answered Italy, which is wrong.  According to wiki, and we all know they are never wrong, it was Romania.  We actually declared war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania on June 5, 1942, but since Romania is last alphabetically, they get the distinction of being the last country.

Update (13 May 2011): The declarations of war were separate joint resolutions passed by congress, so Romania was last because it was last.

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First Post

Don’t hold your breath for the second one.

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